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Space Truckers: Adventures of the Blue Eagle


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When Mike Colby, a lonely mercenary, is hired by his ex-wife Gemini to meet with an old alien enemy for an unlikely alliance, he thinks the hardest thing ahead of him is preventing an alien invasion. Unfortunately, things get a whole lot worse when he is caught in the middle of a feud between Gemini and one of her ship captains, Tisch, when he joins her crew. The aliens become the least of his concerns when the obsolete class freighter Blue Eagle and her crew become the targets of mercenaries and hostile aliens in a galactic corporate war.

Space Truckers is Michael’s twelfth novel and the first in his new series. A lifelong resident of the Philadelphia area, Michael has been writing novels and adaptive screenplays for over twenty years now. He is currently working on book two of the series, subtitled The Return of the Blue Eagle, in concurrence with Reign of Pain, the third book in his Pain series with a cross-over of Marina from that series as they join forces to take down Kronos Enterprises, the corporate monster intent on controlling everyone and everything.

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