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Space Truckers: The Return of the Blue Eagle


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Mike Colby leads the crew of the new and revamped Blue Eagle in a personal battle against Empire Shipping, only to find that they are part of the much larger and well-funded Kronos Enterprises. With new and unlikely allies, the war with Kronos grows bigger than any of them ever imagined. The Blue Eagle’s new role as an independent to explore and develop long-distance trade routes for Gemini’s corporation brings new responsibilities that alter the relationship between Mike and Tisch as they take on new crew members and become an integral part of the rebel alliance against Kronos.

Space Truckers 2 is the thirteenth novel and second in the Space Truckers series. Michael is currently working on The Reign of Pain, which features the elusive but dangerous Marina, who makes several appearances in Space Truckers 2. Michael resides in the Philadelphia area and concurrently adapts his books into screenplays. Michael anticipates a third novel in the Space Truckers series after completing the Pain series with Reign of Pain.

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